The Advantages of Digital Care Planning Software

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Planning and organising all the day-to-day operations in care, extra care  and supported living organisations can be a challenging task. With so many factors to take into account, such as staff rota, clients’ care plans and outcome monitoring, it can get overwhelming if you had to do it all manually. Fortunately, your job can be made easier with digital care planning software’s, such as ECCO. 

But what makes digital care planning so useful? Let’s have a closer look at some of the benefits of digital care planning software! 

Care Planning Made Easy 

The first major advantage of using a digital care planning software is that it’s considerably easier to create and manage care plans and clients’ cases. With the ECCO software, rather than having to go through a lengthy process of updating your paperwork, you can simply access the client’s file and update the relevant fields with just a few taps. 

Comprehensive Paperwork

In order to deliver proper care for your clients, it’s crucial that your care plans contain all the needed information about each client. With digital care planning, all aspects of the care you deliver are taken into consideration. The comprehensive paperwork includes all details of your client, from the types of medications and dosage, to the individual’s preferences and choices. This allows the carer to understand the needs and medical history of each resident as well as their personality in order to develop a relationship based on trust between them. 

Bespoke & Accurate Reporting

A digital care planning system allows you to record any care that has been provided and build accurate reports to evidence care. In addition, your support system can be tailored to your exact operation. Here at ECCO, we completely understand that each care service operates slightly differently, which is why we offer care support software that is completely bespoke to your business. 

Quick to Edit Files

When all your care plans and documentation is stored in a digital software system, making updates to a client’s file is much quicker. All your care plans that are stored on the ECCO system are editable, at any time and from any device. If a resident’s condition were to change, for example, the care home manager or carer can easily amend their digital care plan so it’s up to date. The updated version will then be visible to anyone with access to the care plan. 

Improved Security & Accessibility

A particular benefit of digital care planning for bigger care groups is the integrated security and accessibility features. Multiple caregivers can access each care plan, which is useful in situations where information needs to be passed along between different carers.     

At the same time, all data is securely stored and the care manager can assign roles and authorise access to individual personnel, so you can safeguard your  clients’ records. This way, you can make sure confidential information is only accessible to people with the relevant permissions and data is stored correctly.

CQC Compliance

As the regulations around care and extra care change often, your care plans might become outdated without you even realising. With the ECCO care management system you won’t have to worry about that because all the digital care plans have been designed to ensure they are compliant with the most recent CQC standards. This way you can focus more time on providing care to those in need. If you are ready to start planning your care more efficiently, our team will be happy to demonstrate the full capabilities of ECCO. Contact us through our website or give us a call to book your free demo and find out how ECCO can help streamline your care practices.