5 Key Benefits of Switching from a Paper-Based Management System

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In the present digital landscape, paper-based management systems are progressively being phased out from the care and support industry. Part of the reason for this is traceability – if your paperwork isn’t updated in time or is lost, it’s hard to evidence the care provided to your client. 

Another big reason care and extra-care organisations, charities, supported-living providers and local authorities are switching to digital care management software is data access and security. It’s much easier to secure sensitive files that are stored in an online system that a limited number of users can access. 

Read on to find out more about the key benefits of switching from a paper-based management system to a digital one.

Improved Data Quality

High-quality data is essential for making your management decisions in any care or extra-care organisation. Paper-based case files have to be updated completely manually, which often means a paper report can be out of date without you even realising. 

Poor handwriting, forgetting to update a case file, misplaced customer documentation or other human errors can distort the quality of data. This can result in poor planning or management decisions.  

With digital management software, all case files can be updated on the go which enables efficient and accurate real-time reporting with a higher quality of data. 

Better Control Over Employee Workload

With a paper rota, it can be difficult for you to make last minute changes if someone has to call in sick or an employee has an emergency. This means it’s much harder to efficiently manage workload for all carers. 

A digital care management software, such as ECCO, on the other hand has an integrated rota module that allows you to schedule employees’ shifts much easier. With a digital staff rostering system you have full control and transparency over the rota of your staff.   

This type of system also provides more traceability as you can see who was on shift on any particular day. 

Evidencable Care Reports

Evidencing and tracing the care provided can be difficult when all your reports are completed on paper. Collecting the data is long winded as it requires sieving through a pile of paperwork and if there are any human errors there may be data that is missing. 

Our digital care management software comes with an integrated case management system which allows you to create a personalised care report for every client under your care. This case file can then be updated as and when required, helping evidence the care provided when monitoring outcomes

Having secure, up-to-date care reports is essential for traceability and accountability as everything is written down and stored on an online system. 

Better Security of Data

Even if your office is securely locked up, paperwork can easily be stolen, misplaced or lost. Care and extra-care organisations, charities and housing associations often deal with sensitive information so any data falling into the hands of the wrong person is tremendously damaging. 

In a digital care management system, all sensitive information is securely stored. As a manager you can also assign access to employees. This way you can ensure information is only accessible to the relevant people and no sensitive information is revealed to unauthorised personnel. 


You have to be in the office or have access to the paperwork in order to update a physical report. This can make it challenging to note down time-sensitive information or quickly pass notes. 

Care management software makes paperwork accessible anywhere and everywhere. With a system, such as ECCO, carers can access case files on any device and platform on the go. They can also take quick notes and pass them to people higher up if they are concerned about the wellbeing of a client. 

Switch to Digital Care Management with ECCO 

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