Case Study: Hebron Housing’s ECCO Solutions Transformation

Addiction rehabilitation

For over three decades, Hebron Housing has been functioning as one of the world’s few dedicated women-only drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. 

Now that they have started offering support to all vulnerable women, rather than focusing solely on rehab support, their commitment to providing tailored support to women in need from comfortable, warm and homely spaces has dramatically expanded its scope. Of course, that expansion does not come without its challenges.

Among these challenges was finding a customer record management system that was affordable, effective, efficient, and could scale practically and consistently across the trust’s various homes, all located in and around Norwich City.

Transition to Supported Housing

In March 2023, a significant transformative shift occurred as Hebron Housing expanded its operations to offer support to a wider range of vulnerable women. This transition required a more sophisticated approach to how client information was managed. They also needed a more reliable way to track care plans, monitor progress and improve the referral process. It was vital to find a system that could seamlessly integrate into their new business model without missing a beat.

Search and Discovery

The search for an appropriate system was far from straightforward. Hebron Housing needed a platform that was not only cost-effective but also capable of capturing crucial information and facilitating easy reporting. The discovery of ECCO represented a turning point as ECCO’s unique approach to client support, housing management, and staff resource allocation resonated with their ethos and operational needs.

The ECCO Implementation Journey

The journey of integrating ECCO began with a comprehensive online demonstration led by Jo, an expert from ECCO. The demonstration was a collaborative experience, with the entire Hebron Housing team participating. This interactive session allowed the team to understand the nuances of ECCO and how it could be customised to fit their requirements. Following the agreement and contract signing, the implementation process was remarkably smooth, with the team quickly adapting to the new system through hands-on practice and training sessions.

Early Success and Team Feedback

In less than six months, the team at Hebron Housing found ECCO not only user-friendly but also highly effective in meeting their operational needs. The staff have appreciated the system’s ease of navigation and the efficiency boost it brought to managing houses and tenant information by keeping all relevant data in one, easily accessible but secure location. The transition from initial training to going live was seamless too; a testament to the quality of training provided by the ECCO team.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

ECCO’s centralised system for information input and referrals significantly enhanced Hebron Housing’s operational efficiency. Writing case notes, logging time, and specifying forms of communication became more straightforward, providing valuable data should external regulatory bodies require it.

Financial Feasibility and Future Prospects

For a small organisation like Hebron Housing, ECCO’s pricing structure was a crucial factor. The system’s affordability ensured that the business could maintain its focus on quality care without financial strain. Looking forward, Hebron Housing anticipates that ECCO will play a critical role in its growth and expansion plans, offering a stable platform for training new staff and managing increasing resident numbers.

A Partnership for Progress

Hebron Housing’s partnership with ECCO Solutions exemplifies how technology can revolutionise the way support services are delivered. ECCO’s flexibility, user-friendliness, and customisability have allowed Hebron Housing to effectively navigate its new path in supported housing, setting a benchmark for supported housing organisations looking to enhance their service delivery through a stable, centralised system.

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