The 10 Best Skills Courses for Supported Housing Residents in 2024

Skill courses for supported housing residents

With a workforce supposedly being overtaken by AI and experience being seen as more crucial than ever before in the job market, skills matter. For residents of supported housing who have a few more hurdles to overcome than the rest of us, having a diverse skill set to pull from when applying for jobs and volunteering opportunities is even more vital. That’s why so many supported housing organisations work with specialist training teams to promote life skills courses that help individuals develop confidence and independence by offering a helping hand into the workforce.

However, the unique challenges and opportunities faced by this demographic make the choice of skill courses particularly important. With that in mind, this article will explore the best skills courses available in 2024 that cater to the needs and aspirations of supported housing residents.

1. Financial Literacy and Budgeting

Financial literacy is a cornerstone skill for independence, so focusing on practical budgeting techniques, understanding credit scores, and managing debt is ideal for residents who might struggle to comprehend such things without a little guidance. These courses not only teach the basics of financial management but also cover advanced topics like investment basics and navigating government assistance programs.

2. Digital Literacy

In our increasingly digital world, basic computer skills are essential, of course, but there’s nothing to stop residents from going a few steps further. Digital literacy courses offer training in using the internet safely, word processing, and using email effectively but they can also involve everything from cybersecurity to emerging technologies like AI assistants.

3. Health and Wellness

Basic health and wellness courses are tailored to educate residents about basic nutrition, exercise, mental health, and stress management but many of these courses can also include modules on holistic wellness, incorporating emerging trends like mindfulness, yoga, and urban gardening for mental and physical health. This could represent a cornerstone for a career in wellness or a skill to help cope with the external stresses of the working world.

4. Job Readiness and Vocational Training

Job readiness programs are vital for supported housing residents looking to enter or re-enter the workforce. Courses in 2024 focus on resume building, interview skills, and workplace etiquette. Vocational training programs are more specialised, offering certifications in fields like IT, healthcare, retail, and trade skills, aligning with the job market demands of 2024.

5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication and interpersonal skills are key to building relationships and navigating daily life so, as a foundational skills course, this really makes sense for those who might struggle in those areas. These courses tend to focus on conflict resolution, assertive communication, and developing emotional intelligence.

6. Legal Rights and Advocacy

Understanding their own legal rights will give supported housing residents a major boost of independence and confidence. As well as teaching basic advocacy skills, these courses will offer advice on everything from tenant rights to the realities and complications of accessing legal aid and navigating the justice system.

7. Home Management and Maintenance

Essential life skills like cooking, cleaning, and basic home repairs are the kind of skills we might take for granted but for supported living residents they could help somebody who feels they couldn’t live independently feel more confident and willing to stretch themselves. Going one step further, many of these courses might also incorporate sustainable living practices, teaching residents how to reduce energy and maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle.

8. Creative and Recreational Skills

Creative and recreational courses provide an outlet for expression and stress relief and could help residents discover latent talents they could be making a career out of if helped in the right direction. From arts and crafts to music, theatre, and various sports, there are dozens of options here and with more diverse creative careers revealing themselves as technology evolves (online game streaming, video production and digital arts, for example) these courses will prove even more popular.

9. Parenting and Family Management

For residents with families, parenting courses that cover child development, effective communication with children, and managing family dynamics could prove very popular. They also address more modern challenges like online safety for children and balancing work and family life.

10. Community Engagement and Leadership

Community engagement courses focus on building leadership skills and are designed to empower residents to take active roles in their communities, fostering a greater sense of belonging and collective responsibility.

The ECCO Solution

The landscape of potential skills courses in 2024 is incredibly diverse and these courses not only equip residents with practical skills but also empower them to take charge of their lives, engage with their communities, and face the future with confidence. These courses can also be booked, planned, and managed with the help of an effective supported living management system, such as the solution provided by ECCO. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your supported living organisation thrive into 2024 and beyond.