How FFBS Could Transform Lives for Supported Housing Residents

supported housing residents

Sometimes, we all need a little help. It’s certainly not something to shy away from, particularly when that helping hand could lead to the lives of vulnerable people being changed for the better. 

For housing associations, charities and other organisations that work with vulnerable people, securing resources can be a complicated affair and while technology has certainly lightened that load, if you really want to make your funding go further, Family Fund Business Services could be exactly what you’re looking for.

FFBS is an organisation that strives to bring about real change in the lives of those residing in supported housing. FFBS is on a mission not just to assist, but to transform the well-being of residents and workers.

What is FFBS?

Born from the Family Fund Trust, FFBS provides procurement and fulfilment services tailored for local authorities and housing organisations. Their goal? To streamline the delivery of essential support to those who need it most, making life easier and better for everyone involved and making funding stretch further.

Partnering with FFBS gives organisations access to a comprehensive but easy-to-use online fulfilment portal through which everything from furnishings to food can be ordered with one monthly invoice. It’s a simple, elegant solution for housing associations that desire access to an expertly curated range of essential goods chosen for quality, suitability and, perhaps most importantly, value for money.

The Hurdles of Supported Housing

Residents of supported housing come with their own unique stories, challenges, and needs. From mental health hurdles to physical disabilities, their journeys require a spectrum of support that’s both compassionate and comprehensive.

For supported housing providers, limited resources, budgeting nightmares, and administrative labyrinths are just the tip of the iceberg. The quest for quality support without breaking the bank is relentless and FFBS can help soften the blow.

Simplifying the Complex: Imagine having a magic wand that makes ordering essential supplies a breeze. That’s FFBS in a nutshell. Their online portal is a one-stop shop for everything from comfy sofas to crucial white goods, making sure residents feel right at home.

Saving Pennies, Amplifying Support: With FFBS, gone are the days of drowning in paperwork. A consolidated invoice system not only cuts down on administrative chores but also brings efficiency and savings. Plus, timely deliveries ensure that residents’ lives are uninterrupted.

Tailored Solutions, Seamless Operations: FFBS isn’t about one-size-fits-all. Their catalogue is a treasure trove of essential goods that can be customised to meet unique needs, ensuring that every residence feels like a home. Integration with existing systems also means smoother operations and happier days.

Insight at Your Fingertips: Real-time reporting isn’t just a feature; it’s a lifeline. With FFBS, used in tandem with ECCO Solutions, tracking expenses, planning for the future, and ensuring regulatory compliance is just a click away. Transparency and accountability have never been this easy.

Longevity and Peace of Mind: Durability is key, and FFBS knows it. With extended warranties, residents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their home essentials are built to last. It’s not just about the products but the comfort and security they bring.

The Road Ahead

By embracing the solutions FFBS offers, providers of supported housing can not only elevate the living standards of their residents but also weave a stronger, more nurturing fabric of community care. They’re not just making a difference; they’re setting a new standard for what it means to support those who need it most.

FFBS is just one of many ways that digital technology is being used to make the lives of those living in support accommodation easier and better. Management software solutions can also be used to streamline operations and ensure essential goods are being delivered to residents as and when they’re required. To learn how ECCO can improve your supported housing management solution, contact us today.