Software for residential care homes

Our software for residential care homes is award-winning for a good reason. ECCO provides residential care homes with an effective management solution, to better organise their staff and care.

When you chose us, ECCO , you’re getting so much more than just a management software for your residential care homes. You’re getting a unique, tailored web-based product that is going to keep all your staff and clients information, collated in one centralised system. The program offers individual care plans, scheduling and rostering features as well as invoicing and payroll reports.

With ECCO, you’re in control of your package, and can customise it to suit your requirements. You can manage better, with confidence when you choose ECCO for your software for residential care homes.

Residential care home management software

Residential care home management software is the way forward in this digital age and with ECCO, we can help make the transition simple.

We take care of all your pre-existing records and data, importing them onto your new, customised management software. Then you can use our software to better manage your team and clients; with personalised care plans, medication management, a payroll system and much more.

Our web-based residential care home management software is designed with a simple interface, that makes for easy navigation. Now, ECCO want’s you and your team to be the next to benefit from our innovative residential care home management software.

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Benefits of ECCO

  • Real time reporting including client outcomes
  • Customisation and integration
  • Support planning and risk management
  • For organisations who offer a range of support services
  • SMART outcome focused support plans
  • Health and safety buildings management
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Online client file library
  • Ongoing support for customisation for the duration of your licence agreement
  • State of the art audit logs
  • Easy to use, visual rostering
  • Online / offline mobile use with care app
  • Management KLOE dashboards
  • Request the development of new features
  • Different service pathway designs
  • APIs to support your integration as required
  • Group support recording
  • HACT social value monitoring
  • Any necessary staff training required
  • Incident reporting and safeguarding pathways
  • Service charge payments module
  • Visit scheduling for sheltered accommodation

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Some key features of ECCO

  • Housing Support

    The housing support module focuses on the on-site housing management and compliance. Particularly where tenant engagement is involved. While other housing management systems focus on the financial side of things, ECCO focuses on health and safety compliance and team communications.

    ECCO’s housing support module includes team meeting logs, communication between staff, building based health and safety checks, repairs and attachments. One big benefit in using ECCO is the fact you can include the client and on-site staff in the process of managing the environment, which isn’t possible with other housing management systems.

  • Client Support “Auxiliary” Service Pathways

    ECCO’s client support service pathway revolutionises the way in which a client file is managed by offering additional, customisable case management modules such as incident reporting, safeguarding logs, complaints and more.

    Just like the rest of the ECCO system it can be tailored to your individual service needs and KPIs. What sets this module apart, however, is the fact that you can safeguard your clients’ records by setting access permissions. This way you can ensure only people with the relevant permissions have access to confidential information and all your clients’ data is stored correctly.

  • Rota

    ECCO’s rota module is good for allocating staff resources and tracking care compliance. It can work for any service setup whether extra care, domiciliary or community-based care or supported living. The key differences in the rota module in extra care and domiciliary care is that it provides outcomes in a more “task based way” to ensure basic needs are met, rather than overarching support goals to improve the quality of life of your clients.

    As well as our rota module, ECCO offers the functionality to support your staff too. With this mode a staff member can be supported in the same way that a client can. Outcome focused support plans become action based supervisions, and training records. Attachments can be used for recruitment or HR documentation.

How to choose the right care home software?

When selecting the best residential care home software to meet your needs, it’s important to think about your challenges and aims. The right care management software will make your day-to-day operation easier and provide a solution.

It’s also important to choose a system that can be scaled as your organisation grows.

What is a residential care plan?

A care plan in the context of a residential care organisation is a document that outlines the individual care needs of clients and how they will be met. In principle this is an agreement between your organisation and your client. Comprehensive care plans might include notes about the client’s condition, any adaptations that need to be made to their rooms, what medications they need to take and when.

What Makes Ecco Different Image

What makes ECCO different?

We are fully compatible with all platforms, devices and browsers.

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“We haven’t had to compromise with ECCO, documents can be converted so it’s completely bespoke.”

  • All Devices

    Compatible with ALL devices

    All of our software packages are compatible with any device. So you can you it on the go on your mobile phone or in the office on your desktop.

    Have no trouble using our products on your phone, tablet or desktop!

  • All Platforms

    Compatible with ALL platforms

    Our care and support management software is compatible with all platforms and can be integrated and configured to your needs.

    Integrate ECCO products with all platforms.

  • All Browsers

    Compatible with ALL browsers

    All ECCO software can be accessed and managed from any internet browser. We ensure that you are able to manage your data through any browser of your choosing.

    Have no doubt that your information can be managed on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and many more!

Sectors ECCO covers

Here are just a selection of the sectors that ECCO covers. For more information about a particular sector, give us a call on 0333 321 1492.

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Get started from as little as £3.00 per user per week

"We haven’t had to compromise with ECCO, documents can be converted so it’s completely bespoke."

"We have been using ECCO software since 2012. Its clear graphical interface and intuitive work flow meant that ECCO was soon popular with our staff."

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